Buyvite stands at the convergence of social media and payment processing. Your customers are ready for social payments and we can deliver a rock solid payment platform built with social interaction top of mind.

Buyvite Group Pay offers a suite of social payment products that can easily integrate with any banking platform, website, ecommerce product page and checkout cart.

We built the world’s first social media button with payment attached just for you. Our products include Facebook, email and mobile integration and are designed to make your business more successful by offering an innovative social payment product to your customers.

Advantages of Partnering with Buyvite:

Partner Benefits:

  • Minimal Integration: Easily enable our social payment button on product pages, offer peer-to-peer payments, group payments or our “Pay Me Back” product directly inside of any website.
  • No fees: There is not any cost associated with enabling Buyvite on your website.
  • Increase Social Reach: Using Buyvite provides our partners an opportunity to tap into their customer's social interaction and reach.
  • Elevate Revenue: Your customers can feel more confident about fronting the money for a group purchase if they have an easy way to get paid back. Group buying is also a proven way to elevate the average revenue per user.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Buyvite provides our partners with comprehensive user analytics and support.
  • Revenue Share: Qualified partners can receive the added value of a revenue share for every transaction.
  • Provide a Leading Edge Product: Our experienced team is building a network of top level partners to enable Buyvite as a social payment option on their websites and in their ecommerce cart.

Reseller Benefits:

  • Increase Revenue: Your team provides the merchant account and receives a commission of 20% over our buy rate of $.50/trx.
  • Lead Generation Program: We list qualified Resellers on our website.
  • Reseller Support: We provide free customer support to our resellers and their merchants. This includes assistance with software integration.
  • Offer an Innovative Product: Your customers are hungry for new revenue sources. Offering Buyvite Group Pay as a new social payment platform gives you ability to approach existing customers with a new product and a progressive tool to harvest new business and approach new markets.


Here are examples of our custom integration buttons on a partner site:

Split the Cost with Friends!
Split The Cost
  Pay me Back!
Pay Me Back


The following business segments are an ideal fit for Buyvite integration.
  • Event ticketing companies, arenas, performing arts centers
  • Travel and vacation rental companies
  • Sports teams & youth leagues
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Retail and ecommerce sites
  • Non-profits

Custom Development Services:

If your company is seeking a custom social payment platform, come to the experts. We’ve built our own social payment solutions and we can build one for you. We can create the following custom solutions for your company:
  • Kickstarters
  • Peer-to-peer payment systems
  • Wish lists
  • Social gifting apps
  • Social donation apps
  • Have another idea? We can build that too.
Cheetah Interactive
Custom services provided by our partner Cheetah Interactive

Contact us at for more information on our custom development services.

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