Buyvite is simple to intergrate into existing code.  A Buyvite transaction is submitted through a direct post method which sends data to Buyvite's server via a standard HTTP request over an SSL connection.  Once you have requested a partnership you will be provided a Partner ID for testing.

Buyvite Transaction Request

Your site will need to make a POST request to with the following parameters:

partneridYesThe ID provided to you from Buyvite once you become a Buyvite partner.
productYesSimple name of product purchased (list separated by | if multiple products are purchased.).
amountYesAmount of purchase, numbers only.
buyvitecodeYesThe code from Buyvite that your customer enters in leui of other payment on your checkout screen.
orderidNoThe order id from your site. Maximum of 22 characters.
testmodeNoSet to "true" to indicate test mode and enable passing of test buyvite codes.

Buyvite Transaction Response

Buyvite returns an XML Formatted Response, with a success code and descriptive text.


Buyvite XML Response

XML NodeDetails
codePossible return values:
-1: configuration error
0: transaction failed
1: transaction succeeded
descriptionDescription of problem on failure (code -1 or 0).
Code 0 descriptions should be displayed to the customer.

Testing your implementation

Buyvite codes available for use in testmode to simulate possible Buyvite xml responses include:

test buyvitecode
parameter values
BV_GOODSuccessful transaction.
BV_CREDITFAILBuyvite transaction failed due to the failure of one of the contributing credit/debit cards.
BV_INVAMOUNTInsufficient contributions to cover amount.
BV_CANCELCODEBuyvite code has been cancelled.
BV_USEDCODEBuyvite code has already used.
BV_INVCODEInvalid Buyvite code.

* Note: testmode is solely for testing API implementation, it does not simulate the entire process of a Buyvite transaction.
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